Other Services
What else can we offer you?
More than just Consultants
CASE Shetland offer more than just a basic engineering consultancy.  Amongst the other services which we can offer are land surveying and site supervision.  We have a breadth of experience which ranges from site surveys for residential new-builds right through to the supervision of a multi-million pound installation at a live airfield.  If you have an upcoming project then put your faith in a local company with the skills to manage the work effectively and efficiently from start to finish.
Land Surveys

Accurately plotting the topography of the existing landscape is often the first step in a construction project.  This is required for everything from new-built houses and extensions through to access road and junction designs.  
CASE Shetland can undertake the land survey and then provide any engineering drawings deemed necessary.  We can also use the information gathered to calculate cut and fill quantities, estimate groundworks costs etc.  Get your project off to the best possible start by commissioning a land survey by CASE Shetland.     

Land Survey Applications:

New-Build Houses
Domestic Extensions 
Garages and Workshops
Agricultural Buildings
Access Roads and Junctions

Site Supervision

The success of a project often depends on effective site supervision from a competent engineer.  CASE Shetland have extensive experience overseeing civil engineering contractors, builders and installation specialists.  We have the technical knowledge to spot potential issues early on and ensure that they are resolved accordingly.  Ensuring the work undertaken on site is done in accordance with the design specification and in a safe and controlled manner is our speciality.  We are there to look out for the needs of the Client throughout the works.   

Supervision Experience:

Civil Engineering Groundworks
Tarmacadam Surfacing
Marine Surveys
Reinforced Concrete Foundations
Building Demolition
Cable Laying